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As iPhones and iPads become cheaper and more prevalent, iOS is now considered a standard platform for applications that control and display the data of other systems. No games here - just the interface that you need for your device.



With unprecedented platform availability, Android may be the best choice for your device's control and user interface platform. Our extensive experience can help you make this a reality for your product.

IoT (Internet of Things)


We've been developing embedded TCP/IP products that were the Internet of Things (IoT) before there was the Internet of Things. Let us bring our vast experience to your Internet enabled device development project.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio

Our desktop and web applications are developed using the industry standard Visual Studio environment. .NET, WPF, and MVC provide the standard frameworks for developing powerful Windows applications.

RTOS (Real-Time Operating Systems)


Safety critical systems require precise and predictable response times and Real-Time Operating System bring just that. We have developed projects using many RTOS' including FreeRTOS, MicroC/OS, RTEMS


Embedded Development

Whether it is an 8-bit PIC, 32-bit ARM SOC, a TI DSP, or some other microcontroller, we have years of experience designing and developing the hardware and firmware for embedded systems.

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