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Software and Firmware

The development of custom software solutions has been one of the keys to our success in product development. Since the inception of the company in 1989, our engineers have completed software development projects for hundreds of satisfied customers.

Our process covers specification, implementation, quality assurance, and testing. We generate clean, efficient, well-documented code and have experience gaining approval through FDA and other regulatory agencies. Our longevity gives you the assurance that we will be here to support you over the lifecycle of your product.


We have extensive expertise in digital and analog circuit design, PCB layout, testing, meeting regulatory requirements, documentation, and integration. We have been involved in analog and digital Input/Output capture, A/D and D/A interfacing, memory interfacing, power regulation, filtering, signal conditioning.

Quality System

We understand your need to bring highly functional and reliable products to market.  Let us apply our ISO 13485 compliant Quality System to your next development project. Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) utilize the Quality System Requirements, Design Controls and Document Controls of the Standard. We regularly update our procedures to ensure that we continuously improve our process, and to maintain regulatory compliance.

Mechanical and Industrial Design

Our mechanical engineers focus on all aspects of design, engineering, and manufacturing to ensure that the product can be manufactured according to specification and within performance parameters. We can handle the development of product enclosures, castings and extrusions, injection-molded plastics, metal stampings, blow molding, and other mechanism design elements, bringing high standards for industrial design value and material selection.

Poliac industrial designers are sensitive to aesthetics, but realize that product development is more about creating a product that works flawlessly and meets manufacturing requirements. We use surface modeling and CAD renderings in initial stages of product design. Our rapid prototyping enables you to get a quick, real-world reading on the viability of your product.

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