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Poliac partnered with BioMedix in all phases of product development.

  • Poliac’s engineers provided the product specifications, design and development, and FDA approval documentation.

  • Poliac’s role included custom designing new hardware, new firmware, a new Windows custom software application and a WEB application.

  • Poliac’s engineering team was responsible for the new board layout and provided embedded C firmware development, C#, .NET Windows development and C#, .NET WEB development.

  • Poliac Research Corporation designed and developed the new PADnet Lab™ product, meeting these BioMedix goals:

    • New System Features

    • High Product Reliability

    • Ease of Operation

    • Reduced Manufacturing Costs.

  • Seven patents were issued to BioMedix for the new system.

Poliac developed a highly multi-threaded Windows application to manage tests and optimize throughput. An embeedded SQL database recorded all tests and provided reports and audit trails.

Poliac developed a web application for performing loss analysis and simulations for data sets upwards of 7 million rows in size. GIS data as well as OLAP data processing ensured that the large dataset analyses were performed in a timely manner.

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We used Poliac's engineering expertise to develop our medical device and to develop processes that are necessary to be compliant with regulatory agencies. As a startup, it was important to have a proven engineering partner. They were a valuable asset to our team"

Bob Cathcart / President and CEO

“We needed our product designed and developed in six months so we could hit a specific market target. Poliac committed to the project and delivered our product. They took the time to understand our market and how the customer would use it."

Dorin Panescu, PhD / VP of Research and Development and CTO

“We needed an engineering partner who could understand our predicate device and make it easier to use and cheaper to manufacture. Poliac was able to design, develop and test our device and get it to market. Our successful product now has 5 patents and over 2100 sold."

Will Rogers / CTO

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