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Product Development

Poliac Research Corporation is a Product Design and Development firm. We provide technology research, software, hardware, mechanical and industrial engineering resources to our clients. Poliac specializes in Product Development for the Medical, Aviation and General Industry device markets. Our developers are using the latest technology: iOS, Android and Machine Learning algorithms.

Poliac Research - Medical


Software and Firmware
Software and Firmware

We provide software and firmware development services in C#, C++, C, JavaScript and other popular languages.



We have extensive expertise in digital and analog circuit design, PCB layout, and transfer to manufacturing.

Quality System
Quality System

We apply our ISO 13485 compliant Quality System to ensure quality and safety are designed into the products we develop.

Mechanical and Industrial Design
Mechanical and ID

Our Mechanical and Industrial Design team provides concept and enclosure design capabilities for your product.


The following is an overview of just some of the tools and technologies we have applied to solve our customer's product development tasks.​



Let us help you bring remote display and contol to your device via iOS device integration.




Visual Studio

Our desktop and web applications are developed using the industry standard Visual Studio environment.



Let us help you bring remote display and contol to your device via Android device integration.



When safety is critical for your project, FreeRTOS, MicroC/OS, RTEMS are great technologies.



Years of experience in TCP/IP networking and embedded systems allows us to be IoT to your project.



Embedded Software

ARM, Microchip, and TI are just a few of the architectures we can develop to for firmware projects.

Contact Us

If you have plans to launch a new industrial product or develop a new medical device or avionics device, we would be pleased to discuss it with you. Whether you are in the preliminary discussion phase or deep into the development process, we would like to share some ideas to help assure your success. For a confidential no-obligation consultation, please contact Ted McGown, VP of Operations in our Burnsville Office.


Poliac Research Corporation
12233 Wood Lake Drive
Burnsville, MN 55337

Phone: 952-707-6241
Fax: 952-882-1374


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